After graduating from Miami University in 1997, Dr. Gupta began his teaching career at Ashland High School, Ohio.  While teaching math, he obtained a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University and then pursued a doctoral degree from Ashland University in Educational Leadership.  While conducting his doctoral work, he worked as an Assistant Principal at Ashland High School for one year.  Afterwards, he served as the Director of Secondary Curriculum for Ashland City Schools while completing his doctoral work.

After six years, Dr. Gupta  moved to New Albany, Ohio and served as Director of Curriculum of Teaching and Learning for two years at New Albany School District.  With his deep level of understanding on how assessments drive instruction, he then became the Director of Assessment and Programming for New Albany Plain Local School District for one year.

In July 1, 2015, Dr. Gupta became the Director of Secondary Education for Worthington City Schools.  He is fortunate to serve in a district with a vision and focus to provide opportunities for students in the areas of the arts, STEM, and international perspectives.

Dr. Gupta has served on a number of local and state committees, including the Ohio Improvement Process State Committee and Ohio Board of Regents STEM Committee.  He served for two terms on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators Association and is a member of the Ohio Educator Leader Cadre.  Dr. Gupta is a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals and works with Student Achievement Partners.

Neil has presented at the state, national, and international level in the areas of leadership, assessments, and coaching.  Dr. Gupta has a passion for principal leadership and coaching leaders using effective strategies and tools, such as design thinking and organizational management.


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